"Babywearing helped me thrive as a mom at a time when all I could do was simply survive."

Bonnie L. Stafford, Babywearing Consultant, Master Babywearing Educator



What is Babywearing

At it's core, babywearing eliminates a caregivers need to choose between holding their baby and doing the things they need to accomplish like eating, errands, and caring for other children.

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About Bonnie

Bonnie has been a babywearing educator for over 3 years, having helped literally hundreds of caregivers in the Charlotte, NC area.  She is a founding co-leader of Babywearing International of Charlotte and an accredited Master Babywearing Educator.



Packages and details

Whether you are preparing for baby's arrival, or a veteran caregiver whether you need us to start with the basics or just need some trouble shooting help, we can help.

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At it's core, babywearing eliminates a caregiver's need to choose between holding their baby and accomplishing the tasks they need to accomplish such as eating, chores, errands or caring for other children.  As much as we would like to sit around and do nothing but hold babies, we unfortunately have to adult at some point.

Babywearing is not about a certain parenting philosophy or fancy carriers.  It's about thriving in the role of caregiver.

Babywearing is a tool in a parents tool belt.  Just like any other tool, some folks will use it often, others every once in a while, and still others will not find it to be helpful.  All of which are equally valid responses.  My goal as a Babywearing Consultant is simply to introduce the tool of babywearing to as many caregivers as possible and provide support to those who find it helpful. 




"My babywearing journey all started with an adorable, spirited baby girl who wanted nothing more than to be held, and that is what it will always be about."

Bonnie L. Stafford, Babywearing Consultant, Master Babywearing Educator


I knew I wanted to wear even before my daughter was born. We didn’t have a lot of money, so I started with an off-brand stretchy wrap from a discount website, and a simple pouch sling. I put my daughter in the stretchy wrap when she was about three days old, and I was hooked. That wrap helped us transition into parenthood because it was so easy to simply fold her into our life.  


Then, at about 4 weeks, she developed colic. The crying was seemingly endless. Nothing seemed to help… except that wrap.

Then, at 6 months, my husband went back to school at night. We both worked outside the home from 8am-5pm. Then he was in school from 5:30-10:30pm Monday-Thursday. My mom helped a lot but when we went home, it was just me and baby girl and she did NOT want to be put down. Our stretchy wrap was no longer working and I was struggling to even carry our stuff in from the car in the evening. I was sinking fast. I could feel a depressive episode (something I’ve struggled with most of my life) coming on quickly.  

Then, miraculously, a friend invited me to a sling party with the local babywearing play group… and it changed my life. The leader showed me how to put baby girl on my back and let me borrow a soft structured carrier. Suddenly, I could get us packed up and out the door in the morning. I could bring our stuff in from the car in the evenings, sort the mail, eat at my own house (even if it was cereal while standing up) not to mention grocery shop and a million other things that allowed me to feel like I could do this mom thing. And all while keeping baby girl close, which is what she needed.  

From then on, we were a team. With her on my back, we could conquer the world. I became increasingly passionate about helping other caregivers in similar situations and when the leader of that local babywearing group decided to step down, I offered to take over. Given our hectic schedule and my extremely limited knowledge, I still wonder what I was thinking. But I knew how much babywearing had helped me in my journey and I wanted to pass that on to others.  

Over three years later, that little play group is now Babywearing International of Charlotte.  Along with my co-leaders, we have literally helped thousands of caregivers over the years.

I have also grown significantly as an educator.  I am now an accredited Master Babywearing Educator through Babywearing International, Inc., the highest accrediting they currently offer.

In addition to my volunteer work which will always be near and dear to my heart, I want to offer paid consulting services for caregivers who prefer to get help on their schedule.  

My babywearing journey all started with an adorable, spirited baby girl who wanted nothing more than to be held, and that is what it will always be about.



"If you are struggling to babywear successfully, we can help!"

Bonnie L. Stafford, Babywearing Consultant, Master Babywearing Educator



Baby Prep

Preparing for baby can be a daunting task.  We can help make the process just a little easier.  We will meet you at a location of your choice and help you get ready to bring baby home.

  • Babywearing 101 with a focus on newborn wearing.
  • Registry Advice



The First Year

Babies (and families) change so much in the first year.  What works at month 1 is probably not still working at month 9. We understand this and want to help!

  • Prenatal Visit including Babywearing 101
  • In-home visit within the first 2 weeks of baby's arrival.
  • 3 Month Visit
  • 6 Month Visit
  • 9 Month Visit
  • 1 Year Visit



Welcome Home

The first few weeks can be challenging. You may be overwhelmed or simply not want to bring baby out to a public meeting.

  • One in-home visit within the first 2 weeks of baby's arrival.
  • One return visit 2 weeks later to trouble shoot any challenges.



New addition

Sometimes adding a second, third, or fourth member to your family can be as challenging as adding the first. We are here to help!

  • Babywearing 101 (if needed)
  • Assistance with wearing the new addition
  • Assistance with wearing the older sibling(s)
  • Assistance with tandem wearing



Getting Started

If baby is already here, but you're still struggling to find your groove, we can help you with everything from trouble shoot any carriers you already have and advise on future purchases

  • Babywearing 101
  • Trouble shooting of existing carriers
  • Advice on carrier purchase


Trouble shooting

Do you just need a little help?  Maybe you are struggling to get baby on your back, just need someone to help you decide on a new carrier, or need help trouble shooting a specific issue.  We can help with this too! 

We offer an hourly rate for private consults with a minimum of just one hour.


We also offer assistance with special wearing circumstances such as twins or preemies.  Contact us and we can create a customize package just for you.
All of our packages make excellent baby shower gifts!

Ready to get started? Give us a call, shoot us a text message or email, fill out the "contact us" form below, or send a carrier pigeon or smoke signal.  We know being a caregiver is hard, so whatever type of communication is easiest for you, works for us. Yep, even during middle of the night feedings.  We just might not get back to you until the next morning. ;-)


Bonnie L. stafford

Babywearing Consultant, Master Babywearing Educator


Charlotte, NC

704-200-1021 (call or text)

It takes a village.

We love collaborating with other amazing birth, baby, and caregiving professionals in the Charlotte area.  If you are looking for a childbirth educator, birth or postpartum doula, midwife or community resource, we highly recommend all of these wonderful folks.  If you are a birth professional, we'd love to get together!  Send us an email (bonnie@bonnielstafford.com) and we'll grab coffee.  Unless you don't like coffee.  Then we'll grab tea or ice cream, but we'll probably judge you and wonder what black magic you use that allows you to function without coffee.

Babywearing Resources

Babywearing International of Charlotte
is dedicated to advocating for babywearing in the community and supporting wearers throughout the Charlotte Metro area.  They offer free monthly meetings as well as an online community.  You can find their calendar of events here.  You can usually find me volunteering on the 4th Saturday of the month at Your Moms Donuts.





Babywearing International

BWI's website is a wonderful resource.  They have everything from YouTube links for learning new (or old) carries to a glossary of babywearing terms. 

Dinos & Dasies
Owned and staffed by fellow BWI Charlotte co-leader and CBWS Certified Babywearing Consultants, Dinos and Daisies specializes in baby carriers, cloth diapers, lactation supplies, natural skin care and all the knowledge you need to use the products successfully.  They offer classes including babywearing, lactation, mommy and me yoga, private consultations, and host community groups such as the LLL and BWI Charlotte.  You can often find me hanging out, running up my "tab" with awesome products, and taking over their Facebook page for live demos.


The Littlest Birds
If you are in the Asheville, NC area definitely check out the adorable store.  Owned and staffed by fellow CBWS Certified Babywearing Consultant and Leader of WNC Babywearers, Lyndsi has an amazing ability to curate unique, quality products.  From organic clothing to baby carriers, to cloth diapers and natural toys, you'll definitely find something you can't live without.  And don't miss the consignment items!  With family in the area, you can often find me hanging out, distracting Lyndsi from her duties, talking "shop", trading group tips and acquiring more unnecessary but amazing toys for our over crowded play room.